Tribute, Tithe, & Tip Mistress Sofia Locktight With Cryptocurrency!

Check here for all of My Cryptocurrency addresses. You can easily send your Tributes, Tithes, & Tips directly to Me in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or USD Coin (USDC).

Crypto is My PREFERRED way of receiving your tributes as I receive the full amount. When you send tributes through other means, I lose a % of the amount you send to the site processing the tribute. 🙁

Tribute Me in Bitcoin (BTC):

My Main Bitcoin Address (Use this one):


Tribute Me in Ethereum (ETH):


Tribute Me in USD Coin (USDC):


My Legacy Bitcoin Address*: 1Kwuvin1ZYYdwptu7NA7VL3nUNhWcucgFE

*If you’re not sure which Bitcoin address to use, use the First One at the top of the page “My Main Bitcoin Address”!

The first address should be accepted by most Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Wallets. Typically using the “My Main Bitcoin Address” will have lower fees for you and move tributes to Me more quickly.

The Second One “My Legacy Bitcoin Address” is available for the rare situation when an older Exchange/Wallet hasn’t updated to the more modern “My Main Bitcoin Address”.

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