Available Ranks for Female Submission

Unowned Ranks in Ascending Order

Unowned Registrant:

Novice Submissive Petitioner
Aspiring Submissive Trainee
Entry-Level Submissive Candidate
Disciplined Submissive Trainee
Prospective Submissive in Training
Prospective Submissive Devotee

Unowned Bronze:

Apprentice Private of Discipline
Apprentice Corporal of Servitude
Apprentice Sergeant of Worship
Apprentice Staff Sergeant of Subjugation
Apprentice Master Sergeant of Devotion
Novice Submissive of Obedient

Unowned Silver:

Elite Private of Discipline
Elite Corporal of Servitude
Elite Sergeant of Worship
Elite Staff Sergeant of Subjugation
Elite Master Sergeant of Devotion
Distinguished Submissive of Obedient

Unowned Gold:

Specialized Private of Discipline
Specialized Corporal of Servitude
Specialized Sergeant of Worship
Specialized Staff Sergeant of Subjugation
Specialized Master Sergeant of Devotion
Loyal Submissive of Obedience

Unowned Platinum:

Master Private of Discipline
Master Corporal of Servitude
Master Sergeant of Worship
Master Staff Sergeant of Subjugation
Master Master Sergeant of Devotion
Supreme Submissive of Loyal Obedience

Unowned Diamond:

Grand Master Private of Discipline
Grand Master Corporal of Servitude
Grand Master Sergeant of Worship
Grand Master Staff Sergeant of Subjugation
Grand Master Master Sergeant of Devotion
Ultimate Submissive of Loyal Obedience

Owned/Collared Ranks in Ascending Order

Owned: Sofian Voiceless Razors

Sofian Initiate of Discipline
Sofian Cadet I of Servitude
Sofian Cadet II of Worship
Sofian Cadet III of Subjugation
Sofian Cadet IV of Devotion
Sofian Cadet V of Loyal Obedient Submission

Owned: Sofian Nameless Syndicate

Sofian Junior Lieutenant of Discipline
Sofian Lieutenant of Servitude
Sofian Captain of Worship
Sofian Major of Subjugation
Sofian Lieutenant Colonel of Devotion
Sofian Colonel of Loyal Obedient Submission

Owned: Sofian Silent Liberation Association

Sofian Brigadier General of Discipline
Sofian Major General of Servitude
Sofian Major General of Worship
Sofian Lieutenant General of Subjugation
Sofian Lieutenant General of Devotion
Sofian General of Loyal Obedient Submission

Owned: Sofian Slave Servants of the Divine

Submissive Guidance Administrative
Submissive Guidance Mentor
Submissive Guidance Trainer
Senior Submissive Guidance Trainer
Head Submissive Guidance Trainer
Chief Submissive Guidance Office
Master of Submissive Guidance
Executive of Submissive Guidance

Owned: Sofian Slave Syndicate

Sofian Personal Slave Lieutenant
Sofian Personal Slave Captain
Sofian Personal Slave Major
Sofian Personal Slave Lieutenant Colonel
Sofian Personal Slave Lieutenant General
Sofian Personal Slave 1-Star General
Sofian Personal Slave 2-Star General
Sofian Personal Slave 3-Star General
Sofian Personal Slave 4-Star General

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